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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Something Missing?

Do you ever take a moment and stop to look around you? Do you ever wake up in the morning and contemplate life and whether there is more to life? The world to me seems to be deteriorating all the time. We are living in a culture which is losing its morals by the minute. We no longer notice how bad the language has become, or how many abortions are happening around us etc. You know there are films that have been downgraded from an 18 rating to a 15 rating because the standards of what society is used to has changed. Sad?

Why do we no longer notice this decrease in the societies morals? Because we are accepting the way the world lives. Its not just the morals that are being lost - its everything. There are increasing numbers of natural disasters - just as revelation predicts etc. What is missing in this deteriorating world? What I would suggest is the Church! Yes - there are churches around, but when I say Church, I mean a church that isn't altered by the world and has its foot on solid ground. A church that is ready and prepared to make a difference! And where does that start? Our individual lives! Living lives of courage where we make a stand for what we believe and life a different, radiant life. Its not that easy but would that be great to move towards?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Lake District

Has anyone ever been to the Lake District? I have just got back from a holiday there and it is a really amazing place. Me and Laura went up to join my parents on holiday. We were only their for 4 days but we got to see some amazing sights (such as the one below). Seeing sights like these make me wonder how people believe there is no God. This planet is so amazing and everything has so much detail that I can't understand how people believe it was just a big bang! It really made me appreciate the world we live in.

We spent a morning rowing on the lake - which I now regret because I have some really sore hand covered in blisters. But check out this pic (Its not a pose - honest).

I never thought of the lake district as a mountainous place - I kind of always assumed it was just lakes (which I think is an ok assumption because it is called the LAKE district). But its not - all the lakes are surrounded by mountains. Me and Laura attempted to climb one but didn't make it all the way, but even the height we got to had an impressive view, so we sat on this wall to recover from the climb.

All in all, it was a great few days and is a really good place to reflect on life and what it means to you. I know I have done a lot of thinking and I hope that seeing the sights I have seen will help me focus more on the beauty of life and what a privelage it is to be living.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Selfless or Selfish?

What is the purpose behind the things that you do? Would you say the deeds you do are selfless or is there always a personal advantage for doing things? Sometimes I wish that human beings were completely selfless (they do things for the need of others). I'm not saying its wrong to do things if they have a personal benefit but surely we should do more things from a selfless heart so that we can help others. The world we live and especially the church would benifit greatly from a selfless generation.

It can be the same in Christian Living. Do we do things for ourselves or to glorify God? Surely we are called to live a life where we Glorify God in everything we do! Do you pray - hoping to get peoples attention and to look good or do you pray to glorify God and grow in a personal relationship with God? Do you make sure people see when you put money in the offering or do you focus on giving the money for one reason - to be used for the purpose of Glorifying God? I know that this is something I struggle with and am praying that it is something I can deal with because God deserves our selfless hearts.