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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Funny Funny Funny

Joke 1: Unlocking your Car

Two blondes were recently observed in a parking lot trying to unlock the door of their Mercedes with a coat hanger. Here is their dialogue:

Blonde One: I can't seem to get this door unlocked!

Blonde Two: Well, you'd better hurry up and try harder! it's starting to rain, and the top is down.

Joke 2: How Blondes print word documents:

Joke 3: A Blondes Medical Terminology

Artery -- Study of paintings
Bacteria -- Back door of cafeteria
Barium -- What doctors do when treatment fails
Bowel -- Letter like A.E.I.O.U
Caesarean section -- District in Rome
Cat scan -- Searching for kitty
Cauterize -- Made eye contact with her
Colic -- Sheep dog
Coma -- A punctuation mark
Congenital -- Friendly
D&C -- Where Washington is
Diarrhea -- Journal of daily events
Dilate -- To live long
Enema -- Not a friend
Fester -- Quicker
Fibula -- A small lie
G.I. Series -- Soldiers' ball game
Grippe -- Suitcase
Hangnail -- Coathook
Impotent -- Distinguished, well known
Intense pain -- Torture in a teepee
Labor pain -- Got hurt at work
Medical staff -- Doctor's cane
Morbid -- Higher offer
Nitrate -- Cheaper than day rate
Node -- Was aware of
Outpatient -- Person who had fainted
Pelvis -- Cousin of Elvis
Post operative -- Letter carrier
Protein -- Favoring young people
Rectum -- It almost killed him
Recovery room -- Place to do upholstery
Rheumatic -- Amorous
Scar -- Rolled tobacco leaf
Secretion -- Hiding anything
Seizure -- Roman emperor
Serology -- Study of knighthood
Tablet -- Small table
Terminal illness -- Sickness at airport
Tibia -- Country in North Africa
Tumor -- An extra pair
Urine -- Opposite of you're out
Varicose -- Located nearby
Vein -- Conceited

Monday, August 15, 2005


London is such an amazing place. The amounts of people, the buzz, the sigths, everything about it. Why would people want to harm such a great place? Being in London on saturday really made the bombings feel real - why do people want to harm such a great place?

I took Laura to london as part of her 21st bday present. We went to see a musical called Les Miserables. It was fabtastic - if you like music then you should definately go and see this. There was quite a good moral to part of the story at the start which I will try to explain. The story is about a man who was a thief who had just been released on parole. He was rejected by everyone, but there was one kind man that took him in. The man, whilst the people in the house were sleeping took the silverware on the table and ran. He was found by the police but the theif insisted that the stolen items had been given to him. When they took him to the kind man who took him in, the kind man just said - "you left in such a rush that you forgot to take these candle sticks that I gave you". Instead of sending him back to prison like he deserved he gave the man more than he deserved. The story then goes on and the man becomes a mayor etc.

But isn't that the way we should treat people? Instead of being harsh to the people who hurt us (in this case steal) should we give them more than they deserve in kindness? I think so and is a challenge to me. Anyway - London was an amazing day, probably mostly because of the company I had. Everyone should just go and see London cos its a great place.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Shaped by the Past

I've noticed how we all generally live lives shaped by our pasts. Do you think it is a good or a bad thing to be shaped by our past hurts. This is now me being completely honest - a couple of years ago, I loved a girl so much . . would have done anything for her. Then she broke my heart and treated me terribly. It is now at the stage 2 and a half years on, where she can't stand being anywhere near me (even though it was her that behaved badly and hurt me). For the last 2 and a half years I have been living scared of being hurt like that again.

It shapes my life still - I try and avoid comfrontation with this girl because of the hurt it will cause me. Not only that, it shapes the way I treat my friends, the way I am with Laura. The only peace I get from my hurt is from God. Is this the way forward to get through the hurts of our past. So I pose you the question should we allow ourselves to be shaped by our pasts? I don't want to be shaped by my past, I want to learn from my past and move on. What are your thoughts?